Col Thorne’s Radio Sailing Technology

Yacht design is essentially an intuitive process, but it works best when combined with an understanding of the physical behaviour of rigs, hulls and keels.  This site is concerned with the latter part.  It is hoped that it will aid designers, or at least give them something to think about, and provide some interest to radio sailors in general.

Articles are dated and revision noted.  All articles are subject to change as new data becomes available!

The author sails with the local IOM club in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, winning some races but often not.  Thus the IOM Class is often used for experiments in this website

The author is definitely not interested in any commercial activity concerning radio sailing.

The site and its articles are copyright but readers are free to use or quote anything from the site PROVIDED DUE RECOGNITION is made of the source.

Thanks to Lester Gilbert for his pioneering site that encouraged me to do this one.


keels rudders bulbs

righting moment setup

rigs and sails

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